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NH Hunting Preparation ~ Getting ready for Hunting Season

Hunting Preparation

There are many ways you can get ready for an exciting hunting season, and each of these is critical for success and hunting safety!

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Practice with Your Firearm

If you’re hunting ducks or geese, practice with your shotgun of choice. Hunting white tail deer or bear? Practice with your shotgun, rifle, muzzle-loader, or your archery equipment. Hone your shooting skills for perfect shot placement before going into the field.

Proper Hunter Clothing
For an enjoyable day of outdoor adventures hunting whitetail in the great NH woods with your favorite firearm, The NH Fish & Game Department recommends at least one article of blaze orange for easy detection by other NH hunters. For safety and comfort choose your clothing wisely. A safe comfortable hunter lives to hunt another day!

Scout Your Hunting Areas
Visit the areas where you plan to hunt well in advance of the upcoming season. Look for food sources, travel routes, and bedding areas. Plan your hunt, always keep in mind the wind, the direction your scent travels and where you set up in relation to the deer trails.

Ammo, Calls and Scents
Make sure you have the proper ammunition for your firearm and the game you’re hunting. Be sure to use the right calls, and scents to lure the animal to your stand. A good quality scent eliminator is recommended to eliminate highly detectable human odors.

Tree Stand Safety
If you’re planning on using a tree stand, you’ll not only need the right equipment in place when you start your season, but you should practice getting in and out of the stand safely and also shooting out of the stand. A good quality strong safety harness to keep you from falling out of the stand is essential to having a successful safe NH hunting season.

Have a Safety Plan
Leave a message or note with family and friends as to where you’ll be hunting and when you plan on returning. In the event of a problem this plan could save your life.

Outdoor Sports Ethics
Always hunt like someone is watching and do the right thing. Follow the rules and respect landowner’s properties. Ask permission of landowners to hunt on their property even If there are no posted signs. Go the extra mile to promote the safety and image of all hunters.

We can help you find any of the equipment and accessories you’ll need for a safe and successful hunting adventure. No NH Hunting shop cares more about your hunting success and safety than Merrimack Firearms!